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Crystal Haze

Sketch of the Stephen Webster Crystal Haze Superstud Ring
When Stephen Webster launched his Crystal Haze collection in the mid-90s, the "establishment baulked" at the idea of it being considered as fine jewellery. Everything changed when Madonna bought one for herself, quickly becoming the must-have accessory, bought exclusively by women for themselves.

“I feel empowered" became the phrase women wearing the jewellery would say. It's difficult to say when exactly this became the case. The fact is it's "no-nonsense jewellery worn by strong no-nonsense women".

Madonna bought one for herself, quickly becoming the must-have accessory.
Madonna wearing the Crystal Haze Superstud ring on her index finger.

Stephen Webster Fly By Night Ring with Black Opalescent Crystal Haze.
No-nonsense jewellery worn by strong no-nonsense women.
The top layer is usually a heavily faceted natural clear quartz, acting as a magnifying lens to enhance the colour of the underlying precious stone. The eye-catching black opalescent showcases how the quartz allows light to enter at hundreds of different angles producing a holographic haze of colour that moves as the jewellery is turned. Webster's passion for Crystal Haze shines through each new collection with bold and innovative use of the technique.

The Crystal Haze technique, a signature of Stephen Webster, is the concept of layering and bonding two stones using laser-cutting processes combined with materials as old as time.

The new Homeware collection incorporates Crystal Haze into its design. Crystal Haze features on some of the pieces from the No Regrets collection.