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No Regrets Lounge

No Regrets Lounge neon sign.
Welcome to Stephen Webster's virtual No Regrets Lounge; a place where we can guarantee a great atmosphere with plenty of elbow room at the bar.

"No Regrets: the rush you get after doing something either really, really good or doing something you perhaps shouldn't have." - Stephen Webster

Daring to break the rules—underpins ‘No Regrets’.
Tequila Lore Rattlesnake.

Create your own No Regrets Lounge

Create your own No Regrets Lounge
Quarantini Martini Ingredients.

- Vodka
- Vermouth
- Lemon
- Blueberries
- Ice

Ingredients Ready? Step by step guide to make the Quarantini Martini.

1. Shake the ice and vermouth in your cocktail shaker.
2. Pour the vermouth out of the shaker leaving a distant horizon of vermouth.
3. Add in your measure of vodka and shake.
4. Pour out the cocktail into your martini glass.
5. Add your lemon twist and the Quarantini twist blueberries.
6. Enjoy your Quarantini Martini.

Love in a Time of Corona Cocktail Ingredients.

- Corona Beer
- Angostura Bitters
- Lemonade
- Lemon
- Ice

1. Cut up the lemon and squeeze into the lemonade.
2. Add the ice to the lemonade and pour into your chosen glass to about half way.
3. Pour in the Corona Beer to almost the top of the glass.
4. Add a couple of drops of Angostura Bitters and stir.
5. Enjoy your 'Love in a Time of Corona' Cocktail.

Watch Stephen in action making the Love in a Time of Corona Cocktail.
Watch Stephen in action making the Love in a Time of Corona Cocktail.

Essential Tools for a No Regrets Lounge.

Gold Digging

with Stephen Webster

Dive into the world of jewellery with Stephen Webster’s captivating new podcast “Gold Digging”. It’s impossible not to become totally engrossed in Stephen’s riveting conversations with inspiring friends, family and collaborators who share stories and glittering nuggets of information.