Wearing a selection of Stephen Webster's Magnipheasant collection including the Pavé Drop Earstuds, Pavé Open Feather Ring, and Pavé Bracelet in 18ct white Gold set with white Diamonds.
The plumage is reflected in elaborate rings that feature multiple gemstone inner rings that can be personalised. Bracelets, pendants, earrings and rings all use pavé diamonds—black diamonds included— to depict the English gamebird’s spectacular feathers in many different ways including an angelic appearance when the wings are depicted mid-flight, outstretched.

The large, long-tailed gamebird to which 'Magnipheasant' is dedicated, symbolises all that’s abundant, colourful and majestic about rural English life. This is a fitting homage to the pheasant, which is known for its iridescent plumage and woodland and hedgerow sightings.

A homage to the iridescent plumage of the pheasant.
Stephen Webster's Pavé Open Feather Bracelet and Pavé Short Earring set with white Diamonds in 18ct white Gold.
Symbolises all that’s abundant, colourful and majestic about rural English life.
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