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Stephen Webster with his brother, David, at the mines in Peru.
In pursuit of transparency Stephen visited some of the artisanal gold mining areas of Peru, alongside Solidaridad, the exploration arm of Fairtrade. This trip lead to Stephen Webster receiving two of the very first Fairtrade gold licences in the world. In 2016, Stephen Webster was awarded the ‘Butterfly Mark’ from Positive Luxury acknowledging the commitment to sustainability and ethical production.

Stephen Webster takes responsibility of sustainability as a core priority for decades. As an innovator and early adopter, Webster has never shied from challenges to be certified sustainable. He implemented corporate policies to ensure best practice embed from supply chain to office.

Stephen Webster is a leader, not follower.
Stephen Webster was awarded the Butterfly Mark by Positive Luxury in 2016.
Stephen Webster continues to visit shows to source unique and interesting gemstones.
Stephen continues to this day with action; sharing his passion to a global audience.