Russian Roulette Decanter, Shot Glass, High Ball Glass, and Martini Glass.
The 'Homeware' collection has grown to include pieces such as glassware, candles, and tea infusers that showcase the scope and translatability of Stephen Webster's skilful signature artistry.

The sometimes rebellious, always innovative 'Homeware' collection has grown out from intriguing pieces that were often created initially as bespoke commissions.

Personalise the 'Last Straw' with the owner's first name.
Personalise the Sterling Silver 'Last Straw' with the owner's name.


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  1. Tequila Shot Glass Set with Tools | Stephen Webster
    Tequila Shot Set
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  2. Bronze Handled Mouse Cheese Knife | Stephen Webster
    Mouse Cheese Knife
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  3. Set of Bronze Beasts Chef Carving Knives | Stephen Webster
    Cock and Bull Carving Set
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  4. The Last Straw | Homeware | Stephen Webster
    The Last Straw
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  5. Tracey Emin Scented Animals Candle | Stephen Webster
    Tracey Emin Animals Candle
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