Russian Roulette Decanter, Shot Glass, High Ball Glass, and Martini Glass.
'Russian Roulette' is a range of crystal glassware etched and gold engraved with Webster's smoking gun motif, handcrafted in the UK. Each glass is individually hand-blown and engraved complementing the Russian Roulette bar tools, presented in yellow gold and rose gold.

'Tequila Lore' is a range of bold and eye-catching crystal shot glasses and tumblers in either smoke or amethyst-coloured glass, handmade in the UK. These are engraved with either a rattlesnake or a cow skull design and come inlaid with a sterling silver motif. The complete set, including bar tools and glasses, is presented in a bespoke leather case.

The rattlesnake symbolises wisdom and is seen on the Mexican coat of arms.
Tequila Lore Shot Glass Set with four shot glasses, Rabbit Salt Shaker, Snake Swiss Army Knife, and Wooden Board.
A close up view of the yellow gold smoking gun engraving glassware available made to order.
Hand engraved with gold in Webster's smoking gun motif.


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  1. Smoking Gun Shot Glass | Russian Roulette
    Smoking Gun Shot Glass
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  2. Smoking Gun High Ball Glass | Russian Roulette
    Smoking Gun Highball Glass
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  3. Smoking Gun Martini Glass | Russian Roulette
    Smoking Gun Martini Glass
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  4. Smoking Gun Martini Flask and Cooler | Russian Roulette
    Smoking Gun Martini Flask and Cooler
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