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Campaign 2021

Wearing Stephen Webster's new CH2 Tablet Twister Pendant and Earrings in White Opalescent Crystal Haze, set in 18ct yellow Gold.
We wanted to create a raw and ‘backstage’ aesthetic for the 2021 campaign – particularly for the film – capturing the fun that goes on behind the scenes whilst we are on set doing what we love; bringing the exquisitely crafted pieces to rock ‘n’ roll life.
– Amy Webster

Powerful and rebellious, the resulting shots and BTS film reflect the mood of the collections which combine traditional craftsmanship with cutting edge processes and innovative design to create responsibly sourced jewellery that not only stands out, but also stands for something.

The gigs not complete without a mix of new and classics.
Wearing a selection of Stephen Webster's Sterling Silver Men's pieces from the England Made Me collection.
SHE'S KILLER; the empowered soundtrack by the dynamic duo, GIRL

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  1. White Opalescent Crystal Haze Shard Stack Ring | CH₂
    Shard Stack Ring
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  2. White Diamond and Yellow Gold Baguette Stack Ring | CH₂
    Baguette Stack Ring
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  3. Fire Opalescent Crystal Haze Slimline Shard Stack Ring | CH₂
    Slimline Shard Stack Ring
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  4. White Opalescent Crystal Haze Tablet Twister Pendant  | CH₂
    Tablet Twister Pendant
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  5. Fire Opalescent Slimline Shard Linked Choker | CH₂
    Slimline Shard Linked Choker
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  6. Crystal Haze and Diamonds Tablet Twister Diamond Earrings | CH₂
    Tablet Twister Earrings
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  7. 18ct Yellow Gold and White Diamonds Sleepers | CH₂
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  8. Rockstar Citrine Pinky Ring | No Regrets
    Rockstar Pinky Ring
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  9. Toro Beetle Ring | Jitterbug
    Jitterbug Toro Beetle Ring
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  10. Vertigo Losing Perspective Large Ring | Mens | Stephen Webster
    Vertigo Losing Perspective Ring
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  11. Men's Yellow Gold Ring | England Made Me
    England Made Me Ring
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  12. Men's Yellow Gold Churchill Clasp | England Made Me
    England Made Me Churchill Clasp
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  13. Flipside Yellow Gold Bracelet | Mens | Stephen Webster
    Flipside Bracelet
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  14. Crosslink Yellow Gold Bracelet | Mens | Stephen Webster
    Crosslink Bracelet
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  15. New Cross Black Ceramic Charm | Mens | Stephen Webster
    New Cross Single Earring Charm
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  16. Single Yellow Gold Sleeper | Mens | Stephen Webster
    Single Sleeper
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  17. Men's Silver Carved Rotating Ring | Thorn
    Thorn Carved Rotating Ring
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  18. Men's Silver Pavé Ring | Rayman
    Rayman Pavé Ring
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  19. England Made Me Cuban Leaf Red Garnet Ring | Stephen Webster
    England Made Me Cuban Leaf Ring
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  20. Men's Black Sapphire Revolutionary Clasp | England Made Me
    England Made Me Revolutionary Clasp
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  21. Men's Black Pearl Revolutionary Clasp | England Made Me
    England Made Me Revolutionary Clasp
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