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Gifts for Her

Wearing Stephen Webster's Fly by Night Black Opalescent Crystal Haze Large Rings and Long Earrings set in 18ct white Gold accentuated with black Diamonds.
From one-of-a-kind pieces to intricate Diamond pavé pieces, find a piece of jewellery that will compliment 'her' unique style.

There’s a fearless dedication to cutting-edge processes and the creation of daring, intricate designs. Rebellious yet ethical, the jewellery genuinely stands for something good.

Breaking the rules of jewellery.
Wearing the Russian Roulette Bullet Ring and Stiletto Earrings in 18ct yellow Gold.

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  1. Murder She Wrote Girl With A Golden Gun Ring | No Regrets
    Murder She Wrote Girl With A Golden Gun Ring

    Price on Request

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  2. Red Skyline 18ct Yellow Gold Cocktail Ring | No Regrets
    Red Skyline Cocktail Ring

    Price on Request

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  3. White Opalescent Jitterbug Ring | Jitterbug
    Jitterbug White Opalescent Ring
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  4. Russian Roulette Bullet Pearl Crystal Haze Ring | No Regrets
    Russian Roulette Bullet Ring
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  5. Magazine Diamond and Mother of Pearl Necklace | No Regrets
    Russian Roulette Magazine Necklace
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  6. Stiletto Diamond and Mother of Pearl Earrings | No Regrets
    Russian Roulette Stiletto Earrings
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  7. Rockstar Citrine Pinky Ring | No Regrets
    Rockstar Pinky Ring
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