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Stephen Webster's new Thorn Addiction jewellery collection able to be worn by men and women.
The previous defined boundary between men’s and women’s jewellery is breaking down and we continue to embrace this movement. Discover our unisex collections; with jewellery that dares to be different.

Stephen Webster jewellery has always been purchased by men and women, with the allocated gender of the jewellery being irrelevant. Our collections celebrate personalisation; opening a window into the style and personality of whoever is wearing them.

Our collections celebrate personalisation.
A selection of Thorn Addiction jewellery worn by men and women.
Jewellery that dares to be different.


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  1. Inline Silver Signet Tiger Iron Ring | Thorn Addiction
    Inline Signet Ring
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  2. Inline Silver Pinky Tiger Iron Ring | Thorn Addiction
    Inline Pinky Ring
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  3. Inscription Tiger Iron Inlay Silver Signet | Thorn Addiction
    Inscription Inlay Signet
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