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Hard Cheese Knife Set Mouse Knife with bronze handle.
The chef knives celebrate the attention to detail, craftsmanship and wit for which Stephen Webster has become renowned.
The sometimes rebellious, always innovative ‘Homeware’ collection has grown to include glassware, barware, knives, cutlery, vape pipes, tea infusers and mugs. ‘Professional Chef Knives’ and ‘Tequila Lore,’ where precious and non-precious metals feature prominently, best illustrate the scope and translatability of Stephen Webster’s skilful signature artistry.

The ‘Homeware’ collection has grown out of intriguing pieces that were often created initially as bespoke commissions. The collection demonstrates the degree to which Stephen Webster’s design aesthetic and commitment to traditional craftsmanship lends itself to all manner of products.

The Last Straw in sterling silver. Tequila Lore glasses with silver engraving.
‘Tequila Lore’ is a set of bold and eye-catching bar accessories that celebrates Mexico’s culture and folklore.

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  1. Double Eagle Head Rose Gold Pourer | Russian Roulette
    Double Eagle Head Pourer
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  2. Silver Ice Tongs with Rabbit Skull Handle | Stephen Webster
    Rabbit Ice Tong
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  3. Silver Knife with Rabbit Skull Handle | Stephen Webster
    Rabbit Knife
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  4. Silver Cocktail Strainer with Cow Skull | Stephen Webster
    Cow Cocktail Strainer
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  5. Silver Ice Pick with Vulture Skull | Stephen Webster
    Vulture Ice Pick
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  6. Silver Measurer with Snake Skull Handle | Stephen Webster
    Snake Measurer
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  7. Silver Snake Skull Pourer with Mouth Spout | Stephen Webster
    Snake Pourer
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  8. Silver Rabbit Skull Salt Shaker | Stephen Webster
    Rabbit Salt Shaker
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  9. Silver Snake Engraved Handle with Blade | Stephen Webster
    Snake Swiss Army Knife
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  10. Silver Shaker with Snake Skull Topper | Stephen Webster
    Rattle Shaker
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  11. The Last Straw | Homeware | Stephen Webster
    The Last Straw
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  12. Goldstruck: A Life Shaped By Jewellery | Stephen Webster
    Goldstruck: A Life Shaped By Jewellery
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  13. Goldstruck: A Life Shaped By Jewellery LE | Stephen Webster
    Goldstruck: A Life Shaped By Jewellery Limited Edition
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  14. Cocktales book written by Stephen Webster | Stephen Webster
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  15. Fish Tales Book | Fish Tales
    Fish Tales Book
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