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Wearing a selection of the new Thorn Addiction jewellery collection from Stephen Webster.
Collections include the rebellious all-male 'England Made Me' or the more gender neutral 'Flipside' collection. Individual conversation pieces along with a bespoke service are also a strength of Stephen Webster's Men’s category.

Creations inspired by cross cultural references and life experiences, gathered along the journey of Stephen Webster’s own nomadic existence. All the while paying homage to state-of-the-art techniques of British craftsmanship.

The men’s collection can be worn in multiple ways.
Stephen Webster's Jitterbug Toro Beetle Ring and Pendant set with Diamonds in 18ct yellow Gold.
Elements that reference the ‘Vertigo’, ‘Jitterbug’ and ‘Thorn’ collections.

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  1. Men's Black Sapphire Half Corona Clasp | England Made Me
    England Made Me Half Corona Clasp
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  2. Men's Black Sapphire Revolutionary Clasp | England Made Me
    England Made Me Revolutionary Clasp
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  3. England Made Me Cuban Leaf Sapphire Ring | Stephen Webster
    England Made Me Cuban Leaf Ring
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  4. England Made Me Cuban Leaf Enamel Ring | Stephen Webster
    England Made Me Cuban Leaf Enamel Ring
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  5. Men's Silver Pavé Ring | Rayman
    Rayman Pavé Ring
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  6. Double Black Sapphire Thorn Silver Band | Thorn Addiction
    Double Thorn Band
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  7. Classic Link Black Sapphire Spinning Band | Thorn Addiction
    Classic Link Spinning Band
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  8. Thorn Medium Razer Black Sapphire Tag | Thorn Addiction
    Thorn Medium Razer Tag
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  9. Cuban Leaf Black Sapphire Cufflinks | England Made Me
    England Made Me Cuban Leaf Enamel Cufflinks
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  10. Men's Silver Hammerhead Cufflinks | Stephen Webster
    Jewels Verne Hammerhead Cufflinks
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  11. Men's Black Sapphire Silver Stem Tie Pin | Thorn
    Thorn Stem Tie Clip
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