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  1. What's Your Poison? 18ct Yellow Gold Ring | No Regrets
    What's Your Poison? Ring
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  2. Turquoise Crystal Haze and White Gold Padlock Pendant | CH₂
    Padlock Pendant
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  3. Turquoise Crystal Haze Double Dipped White Gold Bangle | CH₂
    Double Dipped Bangle
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  4. Turquoise Crystal Haze and Diamonds Threesome Earrings | CH₂
    Threesome Earrings
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  5. 18ct Gold Double Dipped Turquoise Crystal Haze Pendant | CH₂
    Double Dipped Pendant
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  6. Gold Double Dipped Turquoise Crystal Haze Earrings | CH₂
    Double Dipped Earrings
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  7. Turquoise Crystal Haze Slimline Shard Linked Bracelet | CH₂
    Slimline Shard Linked Bracelet
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  8. Turquoise Crystal Haze Slimline Shard Linked Choker | CH₂
    Slimline Shard Linked Choker
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  9. Turquoise Crystal Haze Slimline Ring | CH₂
    Slimline Ring
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  10. Turquoise Crystal Haze Cocktail Ring | CH₂
    Cocktail Ring
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  11. Turquoise Crystal Haze Slimline Shard Stack Ring | CH₂
    Slimline Shard Stack Ring
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  12. Turquoise Crystal Haze Shard Stack Ring | CH₂
    Shard Stack Ring
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  13. Turquoise Crystal Haze Shard Pendant | CH₂
    Shard Pendant
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  14. Turquoise Crystal Haze Shard Bangle | CH₂
    Shard Bangle
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  15. Turquoise Crystal Haze Slimline Cuff Earrings | CH₂
    Slimline Cuff Earrings
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  16. Turquoise Crystal Haze Stiletto Earrings | CH₂
    Stiletto Earrings
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  17. Turquoise Crystal Haze Shard Hoop Earrings | CH₂
    Shard Hoop Earrings
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  18. Turquoise Crystal Haze Cuff Earrings | CH₂
    Cuff Earrings
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  19. Turquoise Jitterbug Ring | Jitterbug
    Jitterbug Turquoise Ring
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  20. Feathers Collar With Mixed Stones Set In White Gold | Magnipheasant
    Magnipheasant Feathers Collar
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  21. White Gold Feathers Bracelet With Mixed Stones | Magnipheasant
    Magnipheasant Feathers Bracelet
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