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  1. Black Opalescent Crystal Haze Padlock Pendant | CH₂
    Padlock Pendant
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  2. Black Opalescent Crystal Haze Double Dipped Pendant | CH₂
    Double Dipped Pendant
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  3. Black Opalescent Slimline Shard Linked Choker | CH₂
    Slimline Shard Linked Choker
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  4. Black Opalescent Crystal Haze Shard Pendant | CH₂
    Shard Pendant
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  5. Russian Roulette Bullet Pendant | No Regrets
    Russian Roulette Bullet Pendant
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  6. White Gold and Black Opalescent Pendant | Love Me, Love Me Not
    Crystal Haze Necklace
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  7. White Gold & Black Opalescent Crystal Pendant | Fly By Night
    Crystal Haze Small Pendant
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  8. Haze Small Pendant | Deco
    Deco Haze Small Pendant
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