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The New Men's Collection

Smoking Gun Tie Pin in yellow gold on model.
“I believe that men of all ages, styles and persuasions are drawn to products that suggest none conformity and a ‘degree’ of rebellion. The new Men's collection offers products that are spirited and awaken the wearer's inner rebel.” - Stephen Webster

The arrival of 'Flipside' with its spinning coin and gold chains and 'New Cross' are the future of Stephen Webster Men's collection. You can wear the new collection in a multitude of ways; as a pendant on various chains, as an earring, or as a charm on the bracelet, allowing for personalisation and freedom to style.

Jewellery that is spirited and awaken the wearer's inner rebel.
The new Flipside Sovereign Ring with King Beetle heads.
The Flipside Bracelet with engravable coin.
Usually featuring a King, the design is a continuation of the Jitterbug collection seen as a King Beetle.

A collection of new Men's rings including the Jitterbug Toro Beetle Ring, Vertigo Losing Perspective Ring, and Flipside Sovereign Ring.
Explore the full Men's collection exclusively in our flagship salon in London, UK. Book a one-to-one appointment to experience Stephen Webster jewellery.

The spinning coin is what sets our gold coin apart from any other coin jewellery out there. This clever spinning mechanism which references 'flipping a coin' feels authentically Webster - matching our charm and wit.

None conformity and a ‘degree’ of rebellion.
The Jitterbug Toro Beetle Lapel Pin on model.
A collection of New Cross pendants available in black diamonds and black enamel on yellow gold.
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