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No Regrets Chapel Neon

No Regrets Chapel

Whilst planning The No Regrets Chapel, it occurred to us that although first and foremost designed to be a destination where couples can find a comprehensive selection of unique and exquisite jewellery to mark the occasion of their union, as the name suggests, The No Regrets Chapel should also be a place where a union of two souls can take place.

Concluding that a Chapel cannot be a Chapel without the services of a Minister, I carried out all the formalities required to become ordained. Thus, with my status as a Minister of the non-denominational, Universal Life Church and with the subsequent power bestowed upon me, I am legally qualified to officiate over the matrimonial ceremony for those wishing to tie the knot.

These days more and more people are moving away from traditional, religious wedding services, instead opting to be married by a close friend or an ordained minister, with a modern service more relevant to their lifestyle and the way they wish to commit to each other.

Non-sectarian and inclusive, The No Regrets Chapel is a place where everyone is welcome if they decide they want to demonstrate and celebrate their feelings for each other. The No Regrets Chapel is also mobile, allowing this most joyous and emotional occasion to take place in a location significant to the couple, whether that be a beach, a garden, sports ground or night club.

Minister Stephen of The Universal Life Church.

Minister Stephen in the No Regrets Chapel
Minister Stephen in the No Regrets Chapel

The Chapel is Open

Make sure you have no regrets.
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