"2020 being a leap year meant that each and everyone of us celebrated a birthday at some point across the 366 days; in other words there was no escaping the curse of the Covid 20’s.

For all those kept separated from family and loved ones, there were also many stories of people spending more time together than ever before. Whole tribes of urbanites engaged with nature, even if only in their own gardens and outside spaces, possibly for the first time.

I myself began to forage and hunt to provide for my locked down family during the predicted food shortages and eventual famine. With seeds sown and soil under my fingernails, the family were still understandably relieved when the initial period of panic stripped empty food shelves soon passed and contrary to conspiracy theories, Tesco remained open.

We were all forced to connect in unnaturally virtual ways, both socially and professionally. Not perfect but on the plus side we only needed to keep up appearances to the parts visible to the web-cam lens. The rest styled for comfort and not to impress.

After completing my last pre pandemic trip to the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show in Arizona, I cancelled 16 future flights for business. That has to be a bonus – surely. Luckily that last trip resulted in enough rocks for the armoury that we were able to stick to plan and produce our 25th anniversary of Crystal Haze collection: CH2.

In 1995 when we launched Crystal Haze the first time around, our showcase was Bergdorf Goodman, NYC. This time the event took place in the less prestigious surroundings of our kitchen, over a zoom call to our partners. Despite the make-shift nature of it all, the response was astounding. Apparently people still have jewellery needs, even if they are lounging around with nowhere to go.

We are also proud to have retained all of our incredible staff, as a result the sense of camaraderie amongst the team has been worthy of a place down the tube in WW2.

Despite the continued restrictions and endless precautions we have all endured this year, 2020 will never be forgotten and we, as a global village, have shown we can overcome anything that nature can throw at us.

Bring on 2021, but No Regrets about the one we’re still in."

- Stephen Webster, MBE