As the evenings draw earlier and the London lights become brighter, here at Stephen Webster we are getting into the Christmas spirit for the big feast and traditional roast turkey!

We have enlisted the help of Mark Hix; MBE English Chef and acclaimed restaurateur of Hix Restaurant to teach us a few industry tips of the trade on how to carve the perfect Christmas turkey, with the Stephen Webster Cock & Bull Carving Set.

Stephen Webster's Cock and Bull Carving Set 

There’s an art to carving and sharp knives are crucial. With Steve’s knives, the art is most certainly in the tools to do just that job.” - Mark Hix

Mark Hix and Stephen Webster 

Preparing and Carving the Perfect Christmas Turkey!

1. First and foremost, preparation is key. Get ahead of the game and prepare as much in advance. Whether this is your stuffing or your freshly made cranberry sauce; refrigerate all ingredients to keep the freshness lasting longer.

2. On Christmas Eve, take your turkey out from the refrigerators and let it sit until the meat is equivalent to room temperature before cooking. Meantime preheat the oven to approximately 220 degrees/ gas mark 7.

3. Using a sharp bladed knife such as Stephen Webster’s Damascus steel Cock Knife from the Cock & Bull Carving Set, to remove the wishbone. Doing so, this makes it easier when removing the breast meat when carving.

4. Coat the turkey in a generous amount of olive oil, sea salt and pepper, and cook it upside down to ensure the breast meat stays juicy. Roast the bird for around 20-30 minutes until nicely bronzed.

The Bull Knife

5. Roast the bird for around 20-30 minutes until nicely bronzed.

6. Based on the weight of turkey, turn the oven down to 170°C/Gas 3 and cook for the following times: • 4kg - 2 hours • 5kg - 2 ½ hours • 6kg - 3 hours • 7kg - 3 ½ hours • 8kg - 4 hours • 9kg - 4 ½ hours.

7. Using your judgement, do the pierce test; pierce the fattest part of the turkey leg with the front of the knife, if juices run clear than your turkey is done!

8. Gently manoeuvre the bird to roast the breast with increasing the heat again to 220 degrees gas mark 7 for around 20 minutes for the ultimate golden coat.

9. Phew, now take a seat for at least an hour whilst your bird is cooling down before carving!

The Cock Knife

10. Now, after a well-deserved rest, begin cutting through the golden roasted skin that connects the leg and the body of the bird. Get hands-on by pulling the drumstick and thigh away and cut until you see the leg joint. With the help of Stephen Webster’s Cock & Bull Carving Set, remove the joint out and slide the rest of the drumstick away.

11. Slice the thighs off the bird followed by using a carving knife to cut off the wings. Making a sharp incision at the base of the wings, and slowly pulling the wing, this should be fairly easy.

12. As the wishbone was taken out earlier, this makes it easier to run through the blade on the breastbone in the centre of the chest. Follow closely on the curve of the breastbone until you have sliced the whole breast muscle of the turkey at once.

13. Using the carving knife, run it down through the joint to remove the wing and with a carving set fork and place it on the platter.

14. Last but not least, remove the meat with the edge of the carving knife from the bone and position the fork from Stephen Webster’s Cock & Bull Carving Set, within the breast to keep a steady grip. Continue to slice the meat taking care to keep the skin attached, and transfer neatly onto a platter.

The Bull Knife 

Now, we all know there will be a leftover party the day after. A strong tradition from the Webster’s home is to wrap up a Russian inspired soup named Borscht, blended with flavoursome ingredients such as beetroot and cabbage!

The Beast Chef Knife Set features bronze sculptural representations of different ‘Beasts’ including a Ram, Boar, Cock, Bull, Salmon and lastly, a Courgette