Under the extra-terrestrial design direction of Stephen Webster, the original Astro Balls collection was first released way back in 2007. Created as pendants, each one coming complete with a unique astrological legend.

The Astro Balls were beautifully sculpted depictions of the 12 heavenly zodiac bodies, embellished with gems and mounted on a crystal ball. The Astro Balls quickly became our 12 bestselling pieces.

June 2019 will see the second coming of the Astro Balls collection. In contrast to the earlier instalment, this collection has been designed with layering in mind. Ethereal, delicate and a clever multi wear function seals the Astro Ball’s ease to live among others, being created as it has, to sit freely alongside multiple pieces that hold emotional relevance and tell a story of their owner. The neck, very much like an ear or a hand is curated and styled according to the individual. These Zodiac signs play into this idea of personalisation, opening a window into the style and personality of whoever is wearing them.

Astro Balls 2.0 are a small, but exquisitely carved interpretation of the zodiacs. The material used is Stephen Webster’s beloved 18ct yellow gold. The actual ball is pure pearl, just 8mm in diameter. Not only can this precious pearl be worn as part of a neck ensemble but through masterful engineering it can be worn as part of an ear display. Complete with an 18ct gold chain and the option to pair with a diamond encrusted sleeper – the switch from neck to ear is effortlessly swift.

The most exciting curveball is a 13th Zodiac sign. Everyone knows the 12 signs of the zodiac, rising or falling - we are all born under one of these signs. But Stephen Webster found a 13th sign, Ophiuchus falling between November and December. Depicted as a serpent, this is the sign for those who live close to the edge, prefer a little uncertainty and shy away from routine. To add to the mystery this piece uses (natural coloured) black pearl for a glamorous combination.


Stephen Webster’s real purpose for an Ophiuchus Sign was to create an extraordinary piece specially for those who want to stray from tradition and align themselves with the new.

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