‘I can’t remember a time when I haven’t regularly gazed below the waterline of a pond, river, sea, rock pool or, indeed, a puddle. I always found life under the surface of a body of water more interesting than that up the top’.
Stephen Webster MBE


Inspiration for the collection came from Stephen's lifelong love of the sea and fascination with all things below the waterline. Memories from his childhood holidays spent in Blackheath or by the River Thames catching mussels and cockles were the starting point to create the collection Fish Tales, with each letter of the alphabet allocated to a creature from the sea.

We went behind the scenes and asked our Head of Design, Claire, to discover some fun facts about the collection.

What was the most challenging part of designing this collection?
Trying to find a fish for every letter!

What was the most exciting part of creating this collection?
Discovering some incredible, weird yet wonderful living creatures.

Who do you envision wearing the collection?
I have my initial and I love it, I would buy one for my children too. Thats the beauty of the collection!

Why did you choose these materials yellow gold and diamond?
The warmth and everyday wear ability of yellow gold was key.

What is your favourite piece from the collection?
C of course but I have a very soft spot for U!

How long did it take you to complete each illustration for the Fish Tales book?
About half a day per drawing,but I had so much fun doing them!

'Our holidays were spent in caravans around the East Kent and Sussex coastline. Never without a pale between us, my brother David and I would leave no rock unturned in our pursuit of anything that moved: Brown shrimp, prawns, tiny skate, flounders, rockling, wrasse, sometimes a small dogfish, mussels, cockles and, of course, crabs. We loved crabs, all kinds of crabs: Green crabs, hermit crabs, peeler crabs, velvet swimming crabs (the most vicious, needing expert handling) and edible crabs. Once the tide came in covering the rock pools, we would fish with beachcaster rods. It was never going to feed the 5,000, but we did catch cod, whiting, mackerel, flatties and eels.' Stephen Webster MBE

Crafted using the finest materials, 18 karat yellow gold and round white diamonds, the collection comprises of 26 letters each hand made with expert craftsmanship. For each letter Stephen Webster has written a short story about their character. The book entitled 'Fish Tales' features hand drawn sketches by our talented Head of Design, Claire.

'I hope the collection and the book go some way towards uncovering the mystery and magic of an aquatic life.’
Stephen Webster MBE


Available on and Stephen Webster Beverly Hills, Mount Street and Harrods.