The ultimate A - Z of sea life has arrived!

Introducing Stephen Webster's latest collection - Fish Tales.

This new collection features 26 figurative necklaces in 18 karat yellow gold and round white diamonds, each depicting an aquatic creature entwined within a letter of the alphabet.

Stephen Webster yellow gold and diamond Fish Tales collection

To accompany the collection, Stephen has written a short book capturing the trials, tribulations and characters of these sea creatures in a heart-warming and often humorous way that will appeal to adult and young alike. Stephen Webster's Fish Tales takes the reader on a glorious journey below the waterline with gilded illustrations of sea dwellers and pond loungers, bringing their stories to life.

'I wrote this short book to accompany the collection, inspired by my passion since childhood for marine life and stories from the deep. With each chapter I have attempted to capture the complex characters of these sea creatures, to which, over the years, I have become accustomed. I hope that together they go some way towards uncovering the mystery and magic of life aquatic.' Stephen Webster MBE

Are you a 'F for Flying Fish' or an 'O for Octopus?' Find your letter now.


Available on and Stephen Webster Beverly Hills, Mount Street and Harrods.