“Almost 425 years ago now, Shakespeare wrote of the perils of forbidden love in his play; Romeo and Juliet. Whether the setting be against a backdrop of medieval Florence or centuries later in NYC, re-enacted as the West Side Story, the scenario remains the same; two young people who would normally be separated by family or tribe, fall hopelessly in love, forbidden love, ending as we all know in the ultimate sacrifice of death, this being preferable over separation.”

“This Valentines Stephen Webster wants to celebrate, love sans frontier. An inclusive love ‘one love’, which crosses cultures, religions and sexual orientation.”

- Stephen Webster

I Promise to Love You Collection

Spell it out. Inscribed in diamonds and gold; the I Promise To Love You collection, created in collaboration with Tracey Emin, references her iconic neons. Show more passion!

I Promise To Love You Neon More Passion Earcuff and Ring

The Jitterbug and England Made Me collection

Love fearlessly. Dare to be bold with statement rings from the England Made Me and the illusive ‘Jitterbug’ collection; known to cause a double take, with each ring a hybrid of two creatures altered through the journey of Metamorphosis.

Jitterbug Horse Fly Ring, Cuckoo Bee Ring, Toro Beetle Ring and England Made Me Ring

Dynamite Collection

Passion is explosive. The Dynamite collection emulates the shards of an explosion frozen in time. Captivating asymmetrical forms of post-modernism architecture and crafted with tapered baguette white diamonds and 18 karat yellow gold, the Dynamite Shattered Bracelet fuses together modernity with traditional craftsmanship.

Dynamite Shattered Bracelet Yellow Gold

The Magnipheasant Collection

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Gentle but poised, inspired by the exquisite detail of a pheasants feathers, the Magnipheasant collection pairs the finest materials with impeccable craftsmanship at the forefront. Adorned in pave diamonds the finishing result is a feminine, timeless look!

Magnipheasant Pave Hoop Earrings, Pave Band Ring and Pave Split Ring

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