"Platinum is undeniably special which is why the Queen's Platinum Jubilee is so remarkable.

Until this jubilee year, we have kept the use of platinum reserved for our bespoke pieces, but now pay homage to the extraordinary occasion of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee with the release of the


Crafted in Platinum with a central Tanzanite stone and White Diamond Pavé. The bands are designed with longevity in mind – taking centre stage in our No Regrets Chapel, bridal collection.

Celebrating a new era of modern romance, the Thorn Embrace Attraction Bands, originally inspired by Webster's Tattoo art 25 years ago, depicts Hollywood glamour with an alluringly deep central Tanzanite. White Diamond pavé thorns manifest to create a bed for the Tanzanite allowing the rings to embrace each other, all handcrafted and set into the tempting Platinum bands.

"Like HRH Queen Elizabeth, I have seen three jubilees. The first one being Silver. It was 1977, I had just graduated art school and 100% invested in being a jeweller and a punk, in equal measure.

Fast forward 45 years to 2022 and the Queen and I are still here and about to celebrate another and this time extraordinary jubilee; Platinum. Marking 70 years of impeccable service.

Being a jeweler maybe I feel more connected to these precious metal milestones, silver, gold and the most noble of all, platinum, because they are amongst all the other precious materials I have worked with, starting on that first jubilee year 1977.

God save the Queen; long may she reign." - Stephen Webster, MBE.