Gold Digging Podcast | Stephen Webster

Celebrity photographer Richard Young could reel off incredible, star studded stories for days. From touring Europe with Queen, and hanging out with Andy Warhol in his famous Factory in New York, to taking Elizabeth Taylor around Chelsea Flower Show… This month’s Gold Digging podcast is truly gold.

Stephen starts this latest podcast by touching on a few highlights in Richard’s career “You visited orphanages in Romania with Michael Jackson. You photographed Sting's wedding. You toured the country with the Sex Pistols. You've covered all of the big moments, the Oscars, the Cannes Film Festival, the BAFTA’s, all the fashion awards and you accompanied undocumented United States troops in Iraq”

Talk then turns to how Richard gate-crashed Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton’s birthday event and captured the defining shots which ended up paying for his first house.

Stephen ends the podcast with “He's talked about all of these things but we can't not mention Freddie Mercury, right?”

Richard talks about his relationship with the incredible Freddie Mercury “I first met Freddie on New Year's Eve 1978. And from that night on, I became a photographer for about 10 - 11 years up to the time that he passed away. We went all over Europe together.”