Gold Digging is back. Season 2 kicks off with an energetic episode with Jessie and Hanover; the two ladies behind the bright, bold, and colourful LA-born clothing brand: The Mighty Company.

Stephen starts the latest podcast with the classic conversation starter of the British weather as the girls explain the difference of living on this side of the pond, and how they are adapting to living a transatlantic lifestyle. The digging swiftly moves on to how the Mighty Company came to be. With a background of visual arts, Jessie explains how art has been a key inspiration behind their collections – turning fashion garments into a piece of art. “The world of fashion has become so fast-paced that you lose the quality and meaning behind purchases. We want our designs to be permanent, as art is permanent”.

The Mighty Company was founded four years ago, specialising in leather jackets; with a strong ethos in sustainability, craftsmanship, and ethical production. These factors led the brand to create pieces that wouldn’t just ‘go away’ within a year of being worn but that would become better with age.

Stephen then makes a throwback to his first interaction with Hanover and Jessie in their LA store, dancing to Watch That Man by Stephen’s icon; Bowie. At the time Stephen’s Flagship store was located on Rodeo Drive, where The Mighty Company completed a collaborative shop window display, in celebration of Women’s Day.

Talk then turns to The Mighty Company’s team and how Jessie and Hanover have become one soul in both business and personal life, proving that business can be authentic and fun. The digging goes further with a reflection on the past year as the brand has seen their most successful year to date; as they went back to their direct to consumer roots. 2020 also saw the opportunity for The Mighty Company to produce one of the biggest necessities that has entered everyone’s lives; face masks. Selling out in an hour, the masks were created using special fabrics from their archive. Consumers can stay safe, sustainable and sassy; and with every mask sold, The Mighty Company donate one mask to the Midnight Mission charity in LA. Successfully giving back and using their platform for good.

Discover The Mighty Company's Face Masks here.

The three then reflect on where the fashion industry was headed in the past, and where it is going today. The pandemic has altered consumers’ views on how and where they want to shop. The Mighty Company girls talk about how now they are letting a product breathe and exist before moving straight onto the next season; giving the collections the time they deserve.

Stephen then wraps up the episode leaving the girls with a final message, to keep flying their Freak Flag with hopes to join them in LA soon!