Despite the hangover from Stephen Webster Men’s Collection launch party only just starting to ease off, we are loving the vibes the newness has brought with it. The original Stephen Webster Men’s collection from 1999 became instantly known; blazing a trail, unashamedly made for men with big attitudes. With each detailed piece in the collection personified with names like Rayman, Sex & Drugs and Rock n Roll to match. Flash forward 20 years and the Men’s 2019 Collection has seen a revival of that defining spirit, with the jewellery being a true representation of Stephen Webster’s DNA.

The 2019 collection features an assortment of new rings, chains, bracelets and earrings, all inspired by our favourite stomping ground, London. A selection of the new rings is available in two sizes; to be worn on your pinky, or a regular finger, making the styling options wide open like the London skyline. As the days are becoming shorter and the evenings darker, it is easy to get lost in the Vertigo Losing Perspective Ring, designed to create an illusion of depth and dimension. As Stephen once said, a statement ring sorts the men from the boys.

Vertigo Losing Perspective Ring
Vertigo Losing Perspective Ring

Bringing versatility to the indecisive man, the collection features a spinning coin shown in the Flipside rings, chains and bracelets. The clever spinning mechanism, referencing a flipping coin, allows you to play a game of chance, and follow the fate of Heads or Tails. The ‘Head’ features a Sovereign King Beetle, the ‘Tail’ varies across Flipside pieces, but all feature a personal touch; the ability to either engrave on a tattoo-style gold ribbon or wear your initial. Both are set in black enamel: our head, your tail.

Flipside Chain and Sovereign Ring
Flipside Barbed Chain and Sovereign Ring

As you layer your knits, the Men’s 2019 Collection allows the perfect opportunity to layer your chains, featuring the New Cross pendants. New Cross is the latest addition to our cross selection and also brings adaptability to Men’s jewellery. Finished in 18ct yellow gold, with black enamel or black diamond pavé, the New Cross can be worn with a chain or as an earring. The assortment of chains can be seen across Stephen Webster men’s and women’s collections and are all handcrafted, statement pieces; it’s the look to get tangled up in.

New Cross Chains for him
New Cross Pendant in yellow gold and black ceramic with Crosslink chain. Superstud long chain with black diamond New Cross.

“I believe that men of all ages, styles and persuasions are drawn to products that suggest none conformity and a degree of rebellion. We have proven this in the past, the men who bought SW Men’s were always extremely diverse and not just the wannabe rock stars.”
Stephen Webster

The Men’s 2019 Collection showcases how pieces can be worn in a multitude of ways bringing statement style. Every piece is handcrafted and ethically sourced whilst we continue to strive for sustainability.

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