When Padre Azul paid a visit to Stephen Webster’s No Regrets Lounge, we knew something seriously good was going to go down… 

Padre Azul was challenged to create two exquisite cocktails that celebrate the defining qualities of their signature tequilas: the refreshingly young and wild Padre Azul Blanco and the surprisingly smooth Padre Azul Reposado. 

Padre Azul in Stephen Webster's No Regrets Lounge

After one long Winter’s night spent under the flickering neon of the No Regrets Lounge bar with Padre’s master mixologist - it is our pleasure to reveal the resulting cocktails that, between the two, will satisfy any tastebuds.

Pick Your Padre Poison.

Has the light, zesty concoction caught your attention as the perfect refresher? Or is it the rich, indulgent, smokey mix that fills you with temptation? There is only one way for you to find out...

Padre Azul prides themselves with their extremely authentic tequila that captures the true spirit of Mexican culture. Produced in a small distillery in Amatitán, Padre Azul is 100% agave, 100% handmade and 100% Mexico. It made total sense, therefore, to pair this celebrated spirit with our Tequila Lore Bar tools and glassware. Inspired by Mexican folk lore, the Tequila Lore homeware collection depicts snakes, long horn cows, rabbits, and bald eagle skulls; designed to take centre stage at your home bar. The tools themselves are hand crafted in Sterling Silver and stainless steel, and, despite being studded with Turquoise Crystal Haze stones - these lavish tools were made to be used.

Everything obvious aside, one thing became clear after this collaboration: we are united in our belief that, when equipped with the right tools, the process is as pleasurable as the end result.

Having mastered the combination of flavours and the visual spectacle of preparing the perfect Padre Azul Tequila cocktail behind closed doors, we now invite you to Stephen Webster’s No Regrets Lounge and experience the cocktails for yourselves. Bring along a select few friends and we will show you how it’s really done.

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