"Sustainability is being talked about; the younger generation are starting to care about the bottom line." - Stephen Webster. 

As Positive Luxury Week is upon us, we wanted to take this opportunity to show you why we at Stephen Webster are committed to providing ethically sourced materials and share our wonderful journey, pioneering in to make a difference on our part for generations to come.

But first, what does luxury mean to us?  Previously, luxury was justified by its rarity, however, the modern terminology has changed. Luxury for us is the craftsmanship that is responsibly sourced and mindful to our environment.  Our pieces are not only inspired by music, fashion, literature and art, but a belief that our pieces also stand for something. We are not just a label that wants to redefine the term 'statement jewellery', we have had a long-term commitment to sustainability and ethical production.

Stephen down a two-kilometre mine in search of Fairtrade Gold in Peru.

2011 was truly a special year for us. In this year, Stephen Webster qualified to be one of the first ever Fairtrade licences for responsibly sourced Fair Minded Gold. As well as Fairtrade Gold, we source the finest conflict-free diamonds and gemstones. Being strong supporters of sustainability, we recycle up to 50% of our gold, to re-purpose another life to our clients. Each of our pieces are crafted with respect for people and the environment, which is why we also support paying suppliers fairly all around the world.

An image of gem hunter Stephen Webster sitting on a pile of rocks and gems

'In my ultimate man cave, a subterranean rock cellar,  Idar-Oberstein, 2013'- Stephen Webster

Moving onto 2016,  we were awarded the 'Butterfly Mark' by Positive Luxury who acknowledge Stephen Webster's commitment to sustainability and ethical production.  Now in a community with like-minded brands supporting the same cause, our collections and positive actions can be viewed here.

 Stephen Webster's has a great passion for the ocean. Our latest innovative creation, The Last Straw, has been uniquely designed to fight against the worldwide environmental issue that calls to reduce plastic waste affecting sea-life. In collaboration with the Plastic Oceans Foundation, Stephen Webster donates 10% of all sales proceeds, to support their on-going work on protecting our oceans. The Last Straw is set in sterling silver and is hand engraved with the owner's first name, followed by the powerful statement; Last Straw. Available to purchase here.

Join us in celebrating brands and individuals that act with a deep respect for our world and generations to come.

#FollowTheButterfly with Stephen Webster throughout Positive Luxury Week.