We are proud to announce during this year’s Positive Luxury Week the launch of a new initiative, RESET.

A breakthrough time of events, debate and activity for the luxury industry, ‘Positive Luxury Week’ is an essential for our calendar October 17 – 21st 2019. The Positive Luxury platform recognises brands commitment to ethical and sustainable production, equipping customers to make informed purchasing decisions to shop with confidence. Stephen Webster are proud to be part of the community caring about the future, supporting the Positive Luxury team both in London and New York in October.

Positive Luxury Butterfly Award Stephen Webster

RESET is an extension of our bespoke service for the repurposing of old jewellery made of precious materials into a newly reimagined design for modernity and a new life. Created as an intimate design experience with no limits, reworking unworn pieces into something new is an opportunity to rework original Stephen Webster pieces and collections from other brands. RESET aims to retain the sentimental value that are held in gold and gems, adapting them for the next journey.

Stephen Webster Reset

RESET is handcrafted with extreme attention to detail and high-quality finishes, every piece of fine jewellery has a story which can be rewritten. Recent commissions include taking a single lost earring and turning it into a cocktail ring and remaking a decadent gold necklace as a ruby encrusted counter; there truly is no limit.

The journey of the gold necklace started with Stephen Webster analysing the materials used and carefully dismantling each stone. A detailed design experience follows; intricate drawings and plans explore how the piece can be reworked into the desired Ruby Counter. Our master craftsmen based in our Mayfair workshops then deconstruct and rework the precious materials to create the 18ct rose gold and pink titanium counter, with diamond and ruby detailing.

Ruby Clicker Reset Case Study

RESET is working with what you already own, no matter how modest the haul. The stories live on in the parts. The great thing about fine or precious jewellery is that its elements are what retains the value. During these times of responsible/sustainable luxury, what could be more so than repurposing what has been gathered or extracted in some way from the past, and not from a mine”. Stephen Webster MBE

Stephen Webster was first awarded the famous ‘Butterfly Mark’ three years ago now and since we have continued to pioneer in sustainable practice for the fine jewellery industry.

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