Introducing Stephen Webster's latest collection.

 Full of surprises, 'Jitterbugs'; are fantasy creatures altered through the journey of Metamorphosis. Brought to life in 18 karat yellow gold, with a blaze of coloured gemstones and enamels, the collection captures the imagination of curious minds.

Jitterbug Collection

Jitterbug is the first of three collection within a modern trilogy, 'Altered Perspective'. Each are unified by a state of mind, that things are not always as they appear. Buoyed by the excitement and uncertainty of living in a time disrupted politically and digitally, one thing is certain, only the brave will see the endless possibilities.

Altered Perspective trilogy collection captures Stephens thoughts on life at the moment. "It's about being unsettled, but embracing it rather than trying to fight it." Stephen Webster, MBE.

Jitterbug Collection

Create your own fantasy creature with the Jitterbug Stacking Rings, each set in 18 karat yellow gold. With 28 combinations to choose from, the possibilities are endless.

Jitterbug Stacking Ring


Available on and Stephen Webster Mount Street and Harrods.