During these difficult and uncertain times with the current pandemic, it is important to monitor not only our physical but also our mental health. With the word isolation becoming prevalent in our everyday lives, the world can begin to feel a very dark and lonely place. At Stephen Webster we understand the importance of staying on top of mental health and how pivotal it can be to seek advice and talk to someone when feeling low. Consequently, to ensure that we are doing our bit for our community, we are donating 10%* of all sales made online during this period to Mind Charity.

Mind is a Charity that offer advice on how to support your mental health and enable you to seek advice when needed. Equipped with an abundance of online information, instant message communication and telephone helplines, we are proud to support such a significant charity. We believe that by pulling together we can and will get through this

A letter from Stephen Webster.

“Alongside the obvious health risk of catching the virus, are underling health issues. Self-isolating feels strange to us all, as naturally social animals. However, to those with existing mental health issues, being in self-isolation is one of the most frightening circumstance to be in. As a young person I suffered from mental health issues and I found that a really important way to bring y ourself up from a very dark place is any form of interaction with people both in a professional and social context, even if everything in your body tells you that you don’t want to see anyone at all.
Therefore, during these exceptional times of avoidance rather than embracement of our friends and family; we have chosen to donate 10% of all sales proceeds for the duration of this pandemic to the mental health charity, Mind."

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone's efforts during this time and we look forward to welcoming everyone back to the world of Stephen Webster. In the meantime, keep an eye out for our virtual No Regrets Lounge, a place where we can guarantee a great atmosphere with plenty of elbow room at the bar.

Best wishes,
Stephen Webster & Team.

For more information on Mind click here

*of the price of each. Registered charity number 219830