Ticking all festive fantasies this year; Stephen Webster presents an eye-catching addition to the celebrated Magnipheasant collection with the launch of a one-of-a-kind Peridot Magnipheasant Collar.

Sure to make your admirers green with envy; this acid green collar features 178.15cts of sustainably sourced Fuli Gemstones Peridot, accented with white and black Diamond pavé and set in 18ct recycled white gold.

Located in the foothills of the tranquil Changbai Mountains, Fuli Gemstones is embracing a core business model of “mine-to-market” and a progressive business philosophy. With a commitment to become the leading global producer and supplier of quality Peridot gemstones, and a business, that encompasses mining, processing, marketing, and sales. There is full traceability of Fuli Gemstone Peridot, giving client’s confidence of the stones’ origin and also the mining practices.

The Peridot Magnipheasant Collar was designed to be a celebration of colour and gem cutting. The combination of the vibrant Fuli Gemstone Peridot contrasted against black and colourless Diamonds and the marquise cuts, makes the collar dynamic and attention seeking. The wearer will feel the same.” – Stephen Webster, MBE

With an interchangeable element, the tail section can be detached and changed with a larger Pear Shape Peridot Centre Stone, giving the wearer two looks. Stylist Graham Cruz suggests styling this piece with a tonal colour palette to accentuate the green in the stones. Or alternatively as it is a Webster piece, keep it rock and roll with a simple black blazer to compliment and accentuate the long tail neckline and create a focus.

Discover the Peridot Collar online or exclusively at our Mount Street Salon.