As we continue to power through both the lockdown, and the Quarantinis; last week we were treated to an uplifting webinar hosted by our sustainable sister, Positive Luxury. The Power of Creativity was the second of the webinar series, hosted by Diana Verde Nieto Positive Luxury co-founder. Stephen Webster on the panel alongside George Smart, founder of Theobald Fox, and Bay Garnett, stylist and Fashion Director at ES Magazine.

The Positive Luxury platform recognises luxury brands’ commitment to ethical and sustainable production. The Power Series was initiated to bring together like-minded individuals to discuss the very new circumstances we have all found ourselves in and share first-hand experiences and ideas for staying sustainable, and of course, staying positive during this trialling time.

During this episode, the panellists shared their thoughts and unique approaches to creativity, and discussed the innovation and constructive problem solving that can arise in challenging situations such as this Covid-19 pandemic. When Stephen was asked what creativity meant to him, he said “You need to add an element of originality to something and a feeling that you can take ownership of the way it looks or works. There are many ways that you can add creativity but at some point you have to have something that’s an original point of view .”The conversation concluded with the creatives contemplating what consumerism, creativity and sustainability might look like in the future.

If you missed the webinar series, you can catch up with Stephen and the other panellists here. Thank you to Positive Luxury for bringing together a community of like-minded individuals for an uplifting, yet important, discussion on creativity.