The festivities are in full swing and here, at Stephen Webster, we help strive to make the gifting season fun and totally guilt free. Our mantra is living life with ‘No Regrets’ and what better time than the festive season to do that? Find something unforgettable for her, him or your home.

Taboo busting girl boss who has barely taken any time off all year, they deserve something extra special. Whether you are gifting for her or you’re a girl boss yourself (who self-gifts because, well, you damn well can) then the Dynamite collection is for you. Designed to fuse raw energy and modernity with traditional craftsmanship and luxury. Available in 18ct yellow and white gold with tapered diamond baguette and enamel detailing, the Dynamite collection will create an explosive gift.

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The Dynamite Collection

The unpredictable party starter who swans through the festivities, a statement ring or two is obligatory. As Stephen once said, “a statement ring sorts the men from the boys” and boy do we have a fine selection for you. For those bullish types: theToro Beetle Ring in 18ct yellow gold with round cabochon ruby eyes and white diamond pave is the one; playing with the idea of perspective, they will see a Beetle or a Toro Bull. Alternatively, for the cheeky and impulsive guy, the Flipside Sovereign Ring in 18ct yellow gold is a clear winner; featuring a spinning coin mechanism, following the fate of Heads or Tails. Let them decide. Note: the ribbon motif can be engraved for personalisation.

Featuring the Toro Beetle Ring, Flipside Sovereign Ring and Rabbit Skull Salt Shaker

Bravado mixologist in your life, Stephen Webster’s Tequila Lore Bar Set has the perfect set of skills to shake up hosting duties. Featuring the Rabbit Skull ice tongs, the Rabbit Skull knife, the Cow Skull strainer, the Vulture ice pick, the Snake Skull measure, the Rattle Snake pour, the Rabbit Skull salt shaker; all hand engraved and crafted in sterling silver and stainless steel, your cocktails will be world class.

Featuring the No Regrets Thorn Long Finger Ring, Rabbit Skull Salt Shaker

Environmentally conscious social butterfluy must have The Last Straw. Handcrafted in sterling silver and known for its anti-bacterial qualities, each straw is hand engraved with the owner’s first name followed by the engraved statement. Say goodbye to plastic properly and in style, you will never need another drinks straw again.

And finally, one for the January detox, Stephen Webster’s Rich Tea Infuser plated in sterling silver with clear crystal ring detailing, because there has to be something chic about detoxing with a selection of beautiful herbal tea leaves.

Featuring the Hand Tea Infuser, Jitterbug Hematite Ring, Thorn Cocktail Ring and the Vertigo Gaining Perspective Ring.

Whoever, and however you are treating the ones you love this Christmas, we hope its full of No Regrets, warm wishes and a happy and healthy 2020