Stephen Webster has become internationally renowned for creating bold, innovative, often disruptive but always beautiful crafted contemporary fine jewellery. Over those years, the brand’s lesser-known, primarily bespoke pieces have found their way to the table top, kitchen counter and bar. For the very first time, Stephen Webster’s emporium of homeware products were presented at Design Miami/ 2018. Introducing the Tequila Lore Set...

Inspired by Mexico’s rich history, this highly imaginative tequila set sees iconic characters from centuries-old folklore realised as intricately crafted bar tools. Set in sterling silver with elaborate engraving and embellished with turquoise crystal haze gemstones, this set contains all the essential paraphernalia for creating the most authentic tequila cocktails; making it is as practical as it is beautiful.

The set contains an ice pick depicting the Golden Eagle which appears on the flag of Mexico, a bull’s skull cocktail strainer reminiscent of the iconic image of a cow’s skull in the Mexican desert and inspired by Aztec Mythology and the story of four hundred drunken rabbit gods with a pair of whimsical ice tongs.


Other tools include a rabbit skull knife and salt shaker, a measure portraying the rattlesnake that is depicted on the Mexican coat of arms; clutching a turquoise gem in its fangs and the measure in its tail, this revered creature and the symbol of wisdom also lends itself to an intricately engraved corkscrew and flick knife, complete with Damascus steel blade.

The set also includes lead crystal shot glasses and tumblers in smoke and amethyst coloured glass, each hand engraved and inlaid with a sterling silver motif.

The full set is presented in a bespoke leather case created by renowned leather goods company Tanner Krolle which was founded in London in 1856.  With a brushed suede interior, the case can be customised to house any number of tools and crafted in a range of different coloured leathers.


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