Ever sat on a table, directly looking into the eyes of a fierce beast, ready to deliver your course? At Stephen Webster, our Beast Chef Knives and Cock & Bull Carving set, have profoundly become the must-have statement piece for your home and kitchen.

The Beast Chef Knife Set features bronze sculptural representations of different ‘Beasts’ including a Ram, Boar, Cock, Bull, Salmon and lastly, a Courgette.

Each blade has been hand forged in London using Damascus steel.  The steel has been processed up to 50 times which consist of being heated and hammered over and over again to achieve an iconic, contour-like patterning unique to this steel blade; the same steel-folding technique used to make Japanese Samurai swords. Thanks to this manufacturing technique, no two blades are ever the same. Attention to detail is key, with each handle sculpted in bronze.

"Adamant to keep all production in the UK, I found a forge housed under a railway arch in Peckham where three young guys were hammering the living daylights out of lumps of blackened steel, forming various rough but recognisable blade shapes. This loud, fiery place was exactly what I had been looking for." - Stephen Webster ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Working alongside with Mark Hix and several of his chefs, Stephen gained a deeper understanding about the blades which has been executed on the finishing piece. Prices start from £5,700 for the Cock & Bull Carving Set and £25,000 for the Beast Chef Knives - available to order upon enquiry.