Being indecisive is a common trait for those with creative imaginations. None the less, compromise no more! You can now opt for the best of both worlds with Stephen Webster's selection of versatile jewellery. From delicate convertible rings to statement interchangeable earrings, our mix and match pieces can easily be switched to dress up or down for this season.

Fly By Night's Crystal Haze Long Earrings

Fly By Night is one of Stephen Webster's iconic collections. Like the characters in an enchanting fairy tale, the collection is a celebration of nocturnal, winged creatures from the mystical depths of a magical forest. A top favourite is the Crystal Haze Long Earrings;  the pink opal quartz centres takes focus, accompanied with diamond-encrusted drops that can be detached for a more streamlined day time look.

Thorn's Convertible Rings

Build up the layers or slide it to the side with Thorn's Convertible Ring.  The white diamond pave ring is an easy style to say yes to, when it offers two completely different looks. Place it on one finger, or enhance the focus by opening the middle layer and wearing it across two fingers; the convertible ring offers a bold look both ways.

Jitterbug's Stacking Rings

From the latest collection, the Jitterbug Stacking Ring combines both creativity with imagination with the endless opportunity of both gem ring and wing ring combinations. With a spectrum of colours, you can certainly make an entrance with the Tourmaline Gemstone Stacking Ring and Yellow Wing Stacking Ring. Alternatively, dare to choose matching shades such as the Topaz Gemstone Stacking Ring with the Turquoise Wing Stacking Ring for a minimalistic look.



Available on and Stephen Webster Mount Street and Harrods.