‘The ReBelles’, takes inspiration from heroines throughout history, celebrating their achievements, intellects, and courage. Comprising of seven limited-edition made-to order cocktail rings, each piece showcases Stephen Webster’s impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail and is bursting with unique personality and charisma, referencing the heroine who inspired it.

“Each cocktail ring has its own individual story, connected only as a collection by the fact that each piece is inspired by a strong powerful women throughout history, and in all walks of life. Specialist jewellery techniques feature across the seven cocktail rings, with a combination of stones that I find work together but may surprise people. This approach plays to our strength, incorporating everything we possibly can in regards to our skills and craftsmanship, and visualising this into a collective. This is really us at our best.”
- Stephen Webster, MBE.

Inspired by Marsha P Johnson

As a transgender woman of colour in 1960’s New York City, Marsha had to fight every day for her right to exist. Masha’s larger than life persona and her capacity to find joy in a world of suffering enabled her to rise above society’s constant violations for being black, gender non-conforming and poor.

Embroiled in the 1969 Stonewall Uprising, Masha became an activist for the fledgling gay rights movement, earning icon status from the LGBTQIA+ community of the city. A welcome fixture in Greenwich Village, Marsha became known as the ‘Mayor of Christopher Street’.

Twenty-six years after her death and long overdue, Masha P Johnson received an obituary as part of a 2018 NYT International Women’s Day feature titled ‘Overlooked’ which recognised 15 influential women.

The Joie De Vivre ReBelle is crafted in 18ct yellow gold with a Central Lilac Spinel, surrounded by a Rainbow of Square Sapphires that represent Martha’s flamboyant wardrobe. The ring is then finished with graduated, Rainbow coloured, cold enamelling depicted in paint strokes that dance around the central stone, creating the illusion that the ring is painting itself.

Joie De Vivre, translates to mean ‘Joy Of Life’ and this ring surely represents the creativity, strength, and happiness that Martha P Johnson brought to the world, striving for change.

Limited production of 10 per design, each ReBelle is numbered and engraved with their individual name. Discover the collection online here or exclusively at our Mount Street Salon, click here for directions.