According to June’s issue of British Elle, “2019’s most pervasive jewellery trend, ‘Under The Sea’ celebrates oceanic bounty”. We couldn’t think of a better trend to dive into.

Stephen Webster's fascination with marine life began from an early age with Jules Verne's "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea". The novel inspired pieces in the No Regrets collection, including the Jewels Verne Crab and Lobster Rings; featuring Stephen Webster's Crystal Haze technique which radiates shades of oceanic blue from the faceted crystal.

Crab and Lobster Crystal Haze Rings

The Hammerhead collection combines Webster's love of aquatic creatures; referencing the fascinating yet (potentially) dangerous hammerhead shark, with a sleek silhouette and intricate gem setting. The resulting bangles resemble the impressive fish emerging from the depths of the sea.

Hammerhead collection

The re-imagining of the whimsical Astro Ball collection features 13 intricately carved gold characters with luscious pearls at their heart. Either worn as a pendant or an earring, each zodiac lets the wearer be themselves, depending on how the stars align.

Astro Ball Pendant and Earring


Stephen Webster has always been known for his high environmental awareness and, more importantly, actions. The UK alone uses an astronomical 8.5 billion straws every year, which are among the top 10 items found in beach clean-ups. As a long-standing partner of Plastic Oceans International for the sterling silver “The Last Straw”, we donate 10% of all sales proceeds to support their on-going work of preserving our oceans.

The Last Straw

The kids of today aren’t born with a silver spoon in their mouths… any self-respecting Gen Z’er wants a silver straw in their back pocket; plastic straws are dead to us now!