With temperatures soaring; we invite you to discover our top five ice cream parlours. Just with the new Jitterbug collection, be sure to expect the unexpected.


Located in the heart of London Soho, Gelupo, will not leave you disappointed. With an array of adventurous flavours to choose from, popular combinations include; Olive Oil and Rosemary, Pine Nut and Fennel and Ricotta and Sour Cherry Stracciatella.

Location: Archer Street, London.

Salt & Straw

Originally from Portland, Salt & Straw has created locally-inspired flavours exclusively for their Los Angeles locations. Top unusual flavours are; Goat Cheese Marionberry Habanero and Black Olive Brittle and Goat Cheese. Not for the fainted hearted but definitely worth a try!

Location: N Larchmount Blvd, Los Angeles

Chin Chin

Chin Chin is Europe’s first ever liquid nitrogen ice cream parlour. Their novel technique has added a touch of theatre, whilst providing some unexpected flavours. Top combinations include; Strawberry and Hay (yes, actual hay) and Coffee and Olive Oil.

Location: Camden Lock, London

Sweet Rose Creamery

Prefer beer to ice cream? Look no further than Sweet Rose Creamery who offers both in one; Beer flavoured ice cream. Other signature flavours include; Summer Corn and Fire Camp Sundae. Be sure to hurry, menus change every month.

Location: 7565 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles

La Gelatiera 

Famous for their unusual flavours, La Gelataria, offers a selection of seasonal variations to both surprise and delight! Top flavours include; Cornish Blue and Walnuts, Fresh Watercress and Lime and Honey, Rosemary and Orange Zests. These edgy icy treats offer a modern twist to the traditional gelato.

Location: New Road, London



Available on stephenwebster.com and Stephen Webster Mount Street, Harrods and Just One Eye, Beverly Hills.