This film was made in association with Solidaridad, an NGO from Holland, who identify products that have fundamental issues surrounding their production.

As a jeweller I have been providing luxury items for over 40 years. Throughout my career, I have always understood that sustainability is a journey not a destination and that practices are there to be challenged. I like to think of myself as ‘rebel with a cause’, with the belief that if people are not with me, they’re not meant to be.

2020, marks 10 years since I visited Peru as part of an initiative with Solidaridad and Fairtrade. It may come as a surprise, but back in 2010, unlike food, clothing, and furniture who’s materials were commonly talked about in the marketplace as being ethically-sourced; to have 100% traceability for gold was a fairly new concept and not widely practiced within the industry. I was keen to see for myself the working conditions and practices of artisanal gold mining communities in Peru, and subsequently the positive change that could be made by ‘us’ as consumers choosing to work with Fairtrade/Fairmined gold.

As a result of my trip to Peru, Stephen Webster went on to receive one of the first Fairtrade Gold licences in 2011, and I have been an advocate for Fairtrade Gold ever since. Today, we use 100% recycled gold across our fine jewellery collections and Fairtrade Gold for our bespoke pieces handcrafted in London. For me, it is important that we support these mines and miners by using their gold where possible.

As a Father of two daughters, it is a priority that the measures we do today, help to build a more sustainable world for the future and for our generations to come. Our business philosophy is to be a force for good. We care about protecting our environment and our global community – which stems not only from me but is a passion that runs throughout the Stephen Webster team. Our mission is to craft bold, innovative jewellery, that is not only impeccably crafted, but also stands for something good.

We’re keen to make a difference, and trust that people will join us along the journey.

-Stephen Webster MBE