To celebrate unpredictable planet Mercury finally coming out of the universally loathed Retrograde, we’d like to brighten the mood and introduce our new Astro Heads. Characters in their own right, these animated AI’s are out of this world; fallen from grace, straight from the stars. With 13 to choose from, each represents a star sign and features an array of beautiful gold head pieces celestially aligned to our whimsical Astro Ball collection. The only question is, which one are you? Follow us on Instagram to see them all appear…

Meet Leo
23rd July – 23rd August
Leo the Lion, King of the jungle and the most dominating of sun signs. Due to their outgoing and imposing demeanour, Leo can often be labelled as big headed but sometimes this is just big hair. Proud and confident, Leo seeks respect and adoration.

Don’t we all, Leo?

  Leo Astro Ball | Stephen Webster

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