Stephen Webster holding a crab.

“I can’t remember a time when I haven’t regularly gazed below the waterline. I always found life under the surface more interesting that up the top.

My fascination with marine life has long been an inspiration for my collections, which began from an early age - and enhanced by one of my favourite books as a child – 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, by French author, Jules Verne.

With the ocean covering 70% of our planet and producing 50% of the planet’s oxygen, it is important that we work to preserve our oceans and understand what we can do to create a more sustainable future.”
- Stephen Webster, MBE

Hold your breath and jump head-first into the pieces inspired by the unknown.

Stephen Webster's Jewels Verne Crystal Haze Crab Ring from the No Regrets collection.


Inspired by the crustaceans found along the Kent coast; Stephen Webster created the Crab cocktail ring as a playful addition to the Jewels Verne collection, unbeknownst to him, it would later become one of his best sellers. The ring includes Stephen’s signature Black Opalescent Crystal Haze forming the body, with eight bejewelled black Diamond and blue Sapphire pavé legs and pincers to match.

Stephen Webster's Hammerand Bangle set with blue Sapphires in 18ct white Gold.


Like to swim with the sharks? These Bangles are inspired by none other than the Hammerhead Shark. With its distinctive silhouette, fin-like tail and invisibly set Sapphires, the resulting bangle resembles the impressive fish emerging from the depths of the sea. Keep your eyes peeled, as these predators will be sure to spark a reaction from passers-by.

Stephen Webster's Fish Tales G is for Goldfish necklace set in 18ct yellow Gold accentuated with white Diamonds.


The Fish Tales collection is an A-Z study of marline life with 26 intriguing charms. In each piece, an aquatic character comes to life around a diamond encrusted letter and an identity to follow. To accompany the collection, Webster has written a short book inspired by his passion for the marine life and stories from the deep. Each chapter captures the trials, tribulations and personalities of these sea creatures in a heart-warming and often humorous way that will appeal to adult and young alike.

The Last Straw you will ever need with Stephen Webster's Sterling Silver straw.


According to the United Nations Environmental Programme, there are approximately 46,000 pieces of plastic floating on every square mile of the world’s oceans.

In 2018, Stephen Webster made a stand against this pollution problem, with the launch of ‘The Last Straw’. An alternative to single-use plastic straws, each straw is handcrafted in Sterling Silver and engraved with the owner’s first name, followed by the statement: Last Straw. In collaboration with Plastic Oceans International, 10% of all sales proceeds are donated to support the charities on-going work in conserving our oceans.

As of the April 2020 the use of plastic straws is now thankfully banned in the UK, making this a perfect gift or accessory, so you are always equipped for those long cocktails.

Each of Stephen Webster's Decanters are individually engraved and are all bespokely made.


Taking you around the world now to Japan and Stephen’s Fighting Fish Decanter. Taking further inspiration from the Jewels Verne collection, the Fighting Fish dances across the hand-blown Crystal as they do in their natural habitat.

The illustration is first designed, and then our expert craftsman carves the design into the crystal creating depth with burrs coated with Diamonds, then a finer Diamond tipped tool is used to add texture and detail. The design is then worked with a number of fine rubber wheels and polish to add light and shade. Each decanter can take up to a week to hand-engrave.

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