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Puffa Fish Pendant

Rose Gold

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An unlikely creature for inspiration in jewellery, Webster wanted to make a pendant dedicated to the puffer fish where no other jewellery had previously chosen to be inspired.

"Puffer fish have a deceptively cute face and cute little fins, but that’s where the fun stops. Each fish contains enough deadly venom to take down 30 humans. What’s more when the ‘Nemo’ like fish gets scared it can self inflate, revealing hundreds of long needle like spikes, turning the little cutie into something that even a mother couldn’t cuddle.

This extraordinarily OTT defence armoury is probably why only the top 10% of Japanese sushi ninjas are licensed to slice ‘Fugu’ the friendly puffer and the price per pound is higher than gold."

The Puffa Fish Pendant features Ruby pavé (7.22ct) set in 18ct rose Gold.

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