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Tequila Lore

Close up of the Tequila Lore Cow Cocktail Strainer with Turquoise Crystal Haze.
This made-to-order collection is steeped in meaning and depicts the creatures found in the country’s centuries-old myths and fables. Highly practical, the set includes knives, tongs, cocktail strainers, measurers and salt shakers—all essential tools needed to create exceptional cocktails interpreted in the most artistic way. The complete set, including bar tools and glasses, is presented in a bespoke case.

‘Tequila Lore’ is a set of bold and eye-catching bar accessories that celebrates Mexico’s culture, folklore and famous tipple—tequila.

Each piece is intricately crafted in sterling silver with elaborate engravings.
Tequila Lore Rabbit Ice Tongs in the Cow Ice Bucket.
A set of bold and eye-catching bar accessories that celebrates Mexico’s culture.


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  1. Silver Ice Tongs with Rabbit Skull Handle | Stephen Webster
    Rabbit Ice Tong
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  2. Silver Knife with Rabbit Skull Handle | Stephen Webster
    Rabbit Knife
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  3. Silver Cocktail Strainer with Cow Skull | Stephen Webster
    Cow Cocktail Strainer
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  4. Silver Ice Pick with Vulture Skull | Stephen Webster
    Vulture Ice Pick
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  5. Silver Measurer with Snake Skull Handle | Stephen Webster
    Snake Measurer
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  6. Silver Snake Skull Pourer with Mouth Spout | Stephen Webster
    Snake Pourer
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  7. Silver Rabbit Skull Salt Shaker | Stephen Webster
    Rabbit Salt Shaker
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  8. Silver Snake Engraved Handle with Blade | Stephen Webster
    Snake Swiss Army Knife
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  9. Silver Shaker with Snake Skull Topper | Stephen Webster
    Rattle Shaker
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  10. Glass Decanter with Silver Snake Topper | Stephen Webster
    Snake Decanter
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  11. Smoke Glass Ice Bucket with Engraved Cow | Stephen Webster
    Cow Ice Bucket
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  12. Tequila Shot Glass Set with Tools | Stephen Webster
    Tequila Shot Set
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