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Our Spiritual Home

For over 10 years the ‘No Regrets Lounge’ has been a spiritual home for all things Stephen Webster.

First established above our flagship store on Rodeo Drive and curated by Stephen, it quickly became known as a place where people gathered to experience the unexpected with a common theme of creativity and inspiration. We are now excited to introduce the ‘No Regrets Chapel’. Strictly non-sectarian, our chapel is an inclusive place where everyone is welcome.

When a couple (or indeed a polyamorous group), have decided that the time has arrived to express their commitment and love for one another the moment is right to enter the ‘No Regrets Chapel’.

Over the years, we have been fortunate to be the jeweller of choice for many notable couples. More often than not, the pieces we make to mark these high-profile commitments are bespoke. Creating something unique is where we can really shine. Aware that not everyone has the inclination to commission a bespoke piece or perhaps there is some urgency required (the shotgunners out there), our ready to wear range, designed to be anything but ordinary, can be viewed at Stephen Webster’s ‘No Regrets Chapel’.


Each commission is a start of a personal journey and unique to the No Regrets Chapel. We work with each client to create something truly personal, guiding you through the process from the initial design to delivery of the finished piece. Here are some examples of our bespoke creations…

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Bespoke Engagement and Wedding Rings.
Bespoke Engagement and Wedding Rings.

The No Regrets Chapel

Non-sectarian and inclusive, The No Regrets Chapel is a place where everyone is welcome if they decide they want to demonstrate and celebrate their feelings for each other. The No Regrets Chapel is also mobile, allowing this most joyous and emotional occasion to take place in a location significant to the couple, whether that be a beach, a garden, sports ground or night club.

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No Regrets Couples

When a couple have decided that the time has arrived to express their commitment and love for one another, the moment is right to enter the chapel.

Celebrating this joyous occasion, we have reached out to real-life couples of the No Regrets Chapel to hear their story.

The Chapel is Open

Make sure you have no regrets.
Contact the Chapel for assistance on choosing the perfect engagement ring, wedding band, and bespoke jewellery.

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