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Design & Craftsmanship

Stephen Webster working in his workshop.
I spent the next ten years making myself the best craftsman I could be, constantly challenging myself.
All Stephen Webster collections are inspired by the things that move Stephen, emotionally. Be that music, art, film, words. Webster alongside his team, then crafts an idea into a jewellery concept, drawing the talents of both craftspeople and designers to turn a vision into a tangible mood board. The collective creative team mull over materials, visit stonecutters, hunt down rare gem specialists and delve into the arts around the idea. Past collections have been influenced by William Blake, the Seven Deadly Sins, Jules Verne and Agatha Christie’s murder mysteries.

Stephen Webster finds inspiration for fine jewellery in all facets of life. Each collection is a dedication to painstaking craftsmanship and a belief that jewellery can only be truly beautiful if it is beautifully made.

The Stephen Webster Design Team continue to create one-of-a-kind pieces. Close up of a Stephen Webster sketch.
The jewellery that dares to be different are those pieces that have defined both the brand and Stephen Webster.
Lady Stardust Pearl Ring with unique amethyst gemstones design.
The most cutting-edge collections, the ones that dare to be different are those that have defined both the brand and Stephen Webster’s skill and reputation as a jewellery designer. “The maverick pieces that tick all the boxes for fine jewellery and craftsmanship but also have the nerve to be unusual and from the left-field seem outrageous and audacious at first but are the ones people tend to remember.”

“My job is to tell a story, to be inspired by something I’ve seen and encourage my team to turn it into something extraordinary, directional and avant-garde,” he says. “From there we start forming some shapes.”

“It’s the pursuit of these stones that have defined my style.”
Sketch of a Thorn Noir Cuff.
A sketch of the ever-popular Hammerhead Cuff in sapphires from the Hammerhead collection.
“Even today I get excited about a gem if I think I’ve got something no one else has.”