We are delighted to announce that Stephen Webster is the winner of the Grosvenor Sustainability Awards 2021.

The award identifies environmental and social leadership across Grosvenor Britain & Ireland's Mayfair and Belgravia property portfolio, recognising Stephen Webster's long tradition of producing the finest jewellery with sustainability at the heart of every step.

Stephen Webster is deeply committed to sustainable sourcing, holding our suppliers to the highest standards, with each adhering to our Environmental Charters and Ethical Code of Conducts. We source 100% recycled gold and silver for our jewellery collections, offer Fairtrade Gold by request for our bespoke commissions, and source “conflict-free” Diamonds certified by the Kimberley Process Certificate Scheme.

We have benchmarked our company GHG emissions for scopes 1, 2, and significant scope 3’s, against a FY20 baseline, and working to halve our emissions for scope 2 by 2030, as well as continuously reduce our scope 3 emissions. During 2021, we have partnered with Gold Standard to purchase certified removal and avoidance credits, that supports the Terraclear project. The project prevents the equivalent Co2 from entering the atmosphere and brings filtered water access to communities in rural Laos, benefiting 32,000 households and providing 20-30 litres of clean water per filter.

We seek to avoid, reduce, recycle, and reuse, where possible, and in 2019, launched RESET, our in-house recycling design service, transforming unworn jewellery, as a responsible method to recycle rather than further extract from mines.

“For several years we have focused on being as sustainable and responsible as possible across all our business practices. Our green team, led by our Head of Global Marketing & Sustainability, Samantha Chapman, work tirelessly on this mission and to make sure our clients are part of the journey.” - Stephen Webster, MBE

Sustainability has always been embedded throughout the Stephen Webster journey, with the belief that fine jewellery should not only be impeccably crafted, but also stand for something. Winning the Grosvenor Sustainability Award is recognition of this message, and highlights our past, present, and future commitments to sustainability.

A huge congratulations to the Stephen Webster Green Team for all their on-going efforts, and to the other deserving winners, The Off Chair Company and My Wardrobe. Let's continue to work together and stay sustainable!

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