Caring for your Homeware

Caring for your Stephen Webster Homeware can be simple when following a few simple steps to avoid damage.

We recommend for all Stephen Webster Homeware to be hand washed only and to avoid long soaks, drying immediately after cleaning. Our Homeware range is not dishwasher safe and we do not advise to use any silver dips, abrasives, or all-purpose metal cleaners.

Stainless Steel

We recommend hand washing Stainless Steel Homeware in warm soapy water with a soft cloth and to dry thoroughly after cleaning. For stubborn water marks, we suggest to use a damp micro-fibre cloth.


Bronze items are not safe for the dishwasher. We recommend to hand wash separately in warm soapy water, and dry immediately after cleaning with a soft cloth, as excessive moisture can cause bronze items to stain.

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver will naturally tarnish over time as a result of exposure to air or moisture, however, we recommend cleaning your Sterling silver items using lukewarm soapy water with a soft cloth, and gently dry after cleaning with a soft polishing cloth, to prevent the natural process of tarnishing. For items that will not be used for a duration of time, we suggest storing in an anti-tarnish cloth bag.

Gold Vermeil

We recommend for all gold vermeil items to hand washed using lukewarm mild soapy water and a soft cloth, drying immediately after cleaning using a soft cloth. Rose Gold plate can naturally tarnish from exposure to air or moisture, so we recommend for items that will not be used for a duration of time, to be stored in an anti-tarnish cloth bag.

Damascus Steel

To handle all Damascus steel knives with extreme caution. The blades are ready for use and very sharp.

The Damascus steel blades will rust if left wet so always dry directly after washing. To protect the blade between use, we recommend to rub with pure camellia oil which is safe to use with food preparation. We also recommend lightly oiling the knife block every 2 months with chopping block oil to prevent it drying out.


All Stephen Webster glassware is made from hand-blown fine lead Crystal and is to be hand washed only.

Silver and gold engraving will tarnish over time as a result of exposure to air and moisture, however, hand washing with mild soapy water and a soft cloth, will bring it back to its original shine.

Crystal Haze

Crystal Haze is unique to Stephen Webster and has its very own care guidelines.

We advise for Homeware pieces that incorporates Crystal Haze to be hand washed on lukewarm mild soapy water, and not to be submerged under water for a prolonged length of time. This will avoid the stone from separating and keep the piece looking like new.

Crystal Haze should be kept away from strong light sources, chemicals, and extreme changes in temperature.

You can keep the stone clean by rubbing it with a lint-free cloth to remove any dirt or fingerprints that may have appeared.

Should you notice the stone has become loose in the setting, we recommend bringing the piece into our London Mount Street Salon or nearest Stephen Webster stockist, to have the tool checked over.